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2015 Next Gen U+ smart watch

New generation U watch is packed with amazing functions and new interface design. Only available from us. This is the best Present for your friends and family during holiday season.


Compatible with 99 percent of smart phones that comes with bluetooth built-in. Pairing is extremely easy. Turn on bluetooth on your device, and tap on pair.

Music Player

Link with your mobile music play such as iTune. Stream the music to your smart watch and Play music on your watch with built-in speaker. You can pause, volume-up, volume down, or choose previous or next song.

Phone Calls

You can dial the number or pick a contact from your saved contact list to make a phone call. If you have an incoming phone call, you can also reject or accept from your watch. Speaker and mic are built-in so you do not have to pick up your actual phone.

Power Features


Calendar app shows your todays date. Also it allows you to preview different dates of the year.


Smart watch automatically sycronise with your phone contacts for quick access.


Set multiple alarm on your watch. Choose vibration or select a ring tone for alarm.


Stopwatch gives your standard or lap options. Easy and quick way for precise time recording.


Quick calculator lets you do basic math calculations without reaching your phone.


Interface language including English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, German, Italian and French.

New interface

New U watch desgin improved on every corner. New rounded icon, flatter and modern textures, balanced colors and simplied menus. It takes all the clusters away from the last genertion.


Smart watch notifies you when you receive new message from android phones,you can preview the message without reaching your phone.

Camera control

Turn on your camera app on your android phone. You can preview the scene from your watch. Press capture and take instant photos from your watch. A great tool for selfies lovers.

Power Features

Lost Alarm

Let the watch remind you if you lost connection from your phone by ringtone or vib.


Smart built-in sensors tells you the room temperature, air pressure and your current altitude.


Set your current height to 0 and your device can monitor how far you have moved vertically.


Health sensor are also built-in to monitor your steps. Calculates how much calories you have burnt and more.

Sleep Monitor

Wear it while you are sleeping. It will tell you how much deep sleep you have had during the whole night.

Power Saver

The watch lasts 2 or 3 days without recharging. You can turn on the power save to boost it to 4 or 5 days.

Most importantly, it tells time.

Tones more functions to be explored